The Top of The World in Colfax, California Photo by Margaret G. Chalmers


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d'Philip January, 2017

My name is d’Philip Chalmers, I am an author/artist and this is a portfolio destination featuring some of my current work (or soon to be available stuff). I have the website organized for easy navigation, it’s a simple showcase of my work, some links to other stuff of mine on-line and, of course, a dry good page should you wish to purchase something directly from me!

This portfolio destination was established in 2010 by yours truly and has always been something of a “handmade” website, much like anything I’ve ever done, I prefer my work to be unique, not ordinary.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and please, if you will, share this website and/or my other work with anyone, with everyone or perhaps, keep it a secret, tell no one. The choice is always yours.



Take Care, Be Well and Stay Safe...

d’Philip Chalmers

28 April 2017//Maison du Soleil `a Camp 20: The Republic of California: Earth

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