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On this page you’ll find several story synopsis of my current available catalog and a few soon-to-be available stories…There are three books featured, a collection of essays and two screenplays. It should be noted the screenplays are not for general sale to the public, but they are available to serious production partners. If you read any of these synopsis and decide you’d like to purchase that title, simply click on the book cover and it will direct you the dry goods section where you can check out; if you are somebody interested in discussing the potentials for these original screenplays, please click on the screenplay cover and you will be directed to our artist representative page for further information.

“Tall Tales of a Short Childhood”

This collection of tall tales (there’s 9 of them and an epilogue) are mostly true accounts from memory fragments of my youth growing up as a latch-key kid in a bucolic suburb of Chicago during the 1970’s…the tales progress through time and depict the craziest antics of a kid who rarely felt like he fit into any group or community but always tried to find that childhood bond, that unique connection between friends. This collection was inspired by my youngest daughter in winter of 2017. She had been hearing me tell story after story about back when I was a kid, when she said “You know Pop…” that’s me, she calls me Pop, she said, “You should write these stories down so I can tell your grandchildren about them!” I thought that was a pretty good idea and now, about 9 months later, here we have this fun collection of “Tall Tales of a Short Childhood”…Enjoy!



“My BiPolar Reality; How Life Goes On…”

Published 05 December 2014

In my second novel, I tried to share my very personal journey in a creative, unique blend of personal memoirs and a hybrid style of “novel-esque” storytelling to create an entertaining, unique “BiPolar experience” for the reader in a story of redemption and hope everyone will understand. Exploring my own family roots, my nearly lifelong adoration with John Lennon and The Beatles, my career in the entertainment industry, and years of following The Grateful Dead on tour, I’m weaving together the madness of this confusing affliction while equally entertaining with true story adventure in the harmonious web of life in “My BiPolar Reality; How Life Goes On...” Published by The Intrepid Editor Press in December of 2014, distributed by The Pacific Enterprise Group, this title is also available in an audio book version (read by the author) and is being considered for an episodic television program.

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Published 10 April 2010

This is a romance road trip novel following the adventures of Izzy Koats, a frustrated accountant who dreams of being a screenwriter, as he follows old Route 66 to Hollywood. Along the way Izzy meets Josie, a Zuni princess who changes his life forever! This is my first novel and was a winner in “The 2009 National Write A Novel in a Month” contest. Micro-published by The Intrepid Editor Press in April, 2010, it’s still available in the second edition printing. Exercising several writing styles in the creation of this book, I view this work as a “cathartic experience and an exercise in creativity” during my painful recovery.

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“The Girl With The Golden Voice”

2016 Original Screenplay by d’Philip Chalmers, music by David Sale

Kasey Shane came from a small farm in England’s North Country to San Francisco, California to pursuit her life long dream of being the Janis Joplin of the 21st Century; Johnny Luna is a 30something, gifted musician and genius who has a crippling stage fright but needs to finally “make a score” before he loses his mind and life; Sean Winston was the rock star’s rock star back in the day, before his plane disappeared over the South Pacific and he was presumed dead in 1975, but 40 years later, he comes floating into San Francisco in a hot air balloon with The Dark Star gem, so precious, it can bring World Peace; Dutch Masters is a 70 year old has been who never really was that runs a pawn shop and upon hearing about The Dark Star gem, he decides to make one last score for the big rock! These people and elements all come together a quirky rock and roll crime drama with a heart in this original screenplay by d’Philip featuring 6 new original songs by David Sale (“Camus”, “Baywatch”).

“Order #831”

2012 Original Screenplay by d’Philip Chalmers with Charlie Adams

Ben Fredricks is an average guy, working as a building engineer in a downtown LA high rise, living day to day in a very average, lonely way, never making much of his 33 years of life so far…until one day, when he picks up some photographs he took on a weekend rafting trip, then everything changed! Expecting to see images of the river rafting fun and his friends, Ben was surprised to see photos that were not his and not of this world; when he looked at the photos, Fredricks is suddenly transported across time and space and into the image he was looking at…this happens multiple times and in each experience, Ben sees the same beautiful woman. An action/adventure/fantasy story that spins through time, space and one man’s sanity in search of true love. The story by Charlie Adams, d’Philip has crafted an original screenplay presently available and ready for production.

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