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d'Philip at 1 years old...

This is my biographical profile page, a place to tell you something about myself which you might find interesting or relevant; but truthfully, I don’t much care for “promotional pieces” and there’s an odd feeling to blowing one’s own horn. If you’re curious about my educational or professional experiences, I’m easily found on LinkedIn <> or if you’d like catch glimpse of things that have been on my mind, please check out one of my several blogs <> or <>! If you really want to know my life story, then I suggest you check out my 2nd book, “My BiPolar Reality; How Life Goes On…” <>!

As for this random page in this portfolio destination, please allow me the liberty of doing what I enjoy best…telling you a story about who I am.

My personal myth used to include a tall tale about the circumstances of my birth, something to symbolize my feelings about being born into the life I’ve been living. It went like this…I was born at 5:17 on the morning of December 7th in Chicago, Illinois during 1961. That much is factual truth (I have papers to prove it too). At the time of my birth my father was still a student at DePaul University and my mother was an accountant for a radio station, they lived in a small apartment above a tavern that my mother’s Aunt owned…this too, is pretty much the truth…but then I embellished the story by including the dramatization that I was birthed in that apartment above the tavern because there was a bad snow storm and my parents couldn’t get to the hospital! Pure bullshit, I was not born in the backroom full of piss and shit and fucking midwives and all that; I was born at Presybertarian St. Luke’s hospital on Chicago’s near west side after a smooth, easy 5 hours of labor! I told that old fib for years, until I was almost 30 years old because, for me, it said very much about who I see myself am; I am a survivor. Against odds, in spite of the circumstances, I was born and that’s how I am…it’s how I’ve always been…no matter what had befell me, my attitude is to never, never, never, never give up! The born above the bar story was just a story to set the tone of who I am in this lifetime.

d'Philip, Teenage Rockstar, 1977
d'Philip on tour with The Grateful Dead in 1985...

That habit of embellishing my life story, it’s not an original idea, I stole it from Carlos Castanada’s Teachings of Don Juan. The notion is we should create our own personal myths to befit our goals, to enhance our personal powers. Or something like that, I read it when I was 12 years old and that was a very long time ago. I did stop embellishing my life stories around the time I was 35 (also a long while ago) because there was no need for that any more. I was clearly becoming the person I saw myself as and there was no longer the need for myth. Like a crutch, I tossed it aside and walked the walk myself. It’s been working, despite the occasional trip or even a stumbling fall, I’ve been walking upon my own path for many years now and finally, recently, have I felt like my life is going somewhere, if only because I am so certain that I’ve already come so far, I am confident in my stride. I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but I’ve got an idea or two and I just keep on going, it’s second nature. Some people think me a fool, others find motivation in the way I live my life but one thing is always certain; I always live life on my own terms, I do what I Love to do and I’m a rather happy soul.

So, that might tell you something about me, it might not say a thing, I don’t know. It was more fun than blowing my own trombone and a lot more genuine than any promotional fluff one could write about an old dude like me…it’s far more accurate, truthful and honest. I hope it helped you get a sense of who I am, but if not...perhaps that’s for the better?

d'Philip & wife arrive in California, June, 2014...
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